Henrik Jauert, born in 1967, is an experienced commercial photographer. His works include automotive, advertising, lifestyle and reportage photography for Danish as well as international clients.
With his natural Scandinavian touch, graphic style and great understanding of light and composition, he has the ability to create a casual atmosphere and capture a situation in an authentic way.

Henrik Jauert lives in Denmark, but spends a lot of time travelling and photographing for clients worldwide.

In 2012, Henrik published the book “Concorso” in collaboration with BMW Group Classic. It’s the photographer´s homage to the most coveted concorso in the world, as seen through his camera from 2005 to 2011. Evocative and magical moments are captured in an original and rambunctious reportage style, that encapsulates the unique and exceptional atmosphere of the event, with its incomparable classic cars, passionate wealthy men, exclusivity, style and elegance.



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